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CMS Implementers

web development

We deliver full business management solutions, and implement the finest quality ecommerce and CMS web tools. Our extensive experience of all types of online business allows us to safely increase your revenues beyond expectation.

CMS Implementers

We supply, install and manage a range of around fifteen content management systems or WCMS (website CMS).

These range from smaller micro-cms applications that suit microsites or a narrow targeted topic, through to ECM enterprise content management web solutions. There are more than 3,000 CMS now and we choose the best to work with: those that have high quality built in and that perform to our requirements. Specifically, we demand high-quality code, proven organic search success, admin usability, and high traffic capability.

In the CMS arena there is little to choose between open-source and commercial systems, as far as quality goes - and in fact it's easier to find high quality in the open-source section. Of course good commercial applications exist but they tend not to be at the budget end of the spectrum. Therefore we first look at the budget, and then at the functionality required.

It is also a good idea to plan for the future, so that a CMS ideally needs to be extendable. There are two routes to this: via a wealth of plugins, as for some of the open-source WCMS, or via custom development. In theory, in the CMS world, budget determines which of these approaches is suitable - but in practice it may be found that an open-source solution is the best on all counts.

CMS implementation

A consultation process is needed first, to design an approach. Then, we arrange a trial of suitable candidates, so that we can both decide if the systems chosen are suitable. A semi-complete system is then built for further trials. If successful, the system is completed and set live online. The client signs off on the CMS when satisfied.

We will arrange the domain details, hosting, and webmastering if required. All our products are delivered in 100% takeaway mode - that is to say, we absolutely do not tie-in clients in any way or form. We set up an independent account for you at a high-quality domain registrar; we find the best hosting for your location and requirements; we arrange annual management and a webmaster if you don't have one. We don't do hosting, as we think reseller hosting is a bad deal for the client in many cases (a variety of clients with different classes of site in different countries would be badly served under that arrangement).

We arrange all our implementations in exactly the same way as if we were the client and demanded the best product with ultimate freedom to choose. You can buy to 'take away' and manage yourself from day 1, or have us manage the CMS but with the option to walk away at any time without penalty. Our systems can all - with the exception of specialist custom-builds - be supported by any providers of that system.

What a CMS should do

Your chosen CMS should do the jobs you specify, and be able to be extended in the future to cover any reasonable additional tasks that you may find are needed. It should handle high traffic. It must not be hard to work with for the administrator. It must produce good page code that validates correctly and passes accessibility testing. It must look good and supply a good visitor experience. It should be easy to use and navigate by visitors. Above all it must be of high quality, be legally-compliant and be proven successful in search. A CMS must be search-friendly or it will not be a good investment.

We have chosen the best of the best and only supply and install those systems. We don't have any affiliations or other tie-ups with software authors or suppliers, and are absolutely free to make our best judgement as to which CMS will suit you best and succeed in search. Organic search success has to be the foundation of icommerce results and brand visibility - and that's what we provide.

The CMS - SEO advantage

Because we are the CMS SEO experts, we know exactly how to build and manage a content management system for success. Note that the vast majority of SEO staff cannot provide this service as they are marketing specialists, not technical people. And you need not only technical SEO support - but specialists in database-driven website technology. There are comparatively few of those.

Talk to us about a high-quality CMS solution for your business

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