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web development

We deliver full business management solutions, and implement the finest quality ecommerce and CMS web tools. Our extensive experience of all types of online business allows us to safely increase your revenues beyond expectation.

LP Web Development

Lordprice Web Development are experienced implementers of high-quality SEO-based CMS and ecommerce solutions, with many years of database-driven website installation and admin. Our wide range of content management systems are chosen and installed on the premise that commercial success derives from search success - which should be based squarely on a high-quality solution - and user experience. With perfect code and server settings, a modern CMS will automatically place highly in the search rankings when good content is published and links are obtained. In fact, fewer links than normally needed are required, with our high-quality super high-performing CMS and ecommerce solutions.  The proof is simple - our sites can beat others in search who have a five to one and occasionally even a ten to one link equity advantage.

Modern icommerce (online business) demands efficiency, quality and results. That's what we provide.

Web Business Management

We are expert icommerce managers - that is, online business managers who can completely take over the running of your web business for you and allow you to move on to your next project. You can partner with us so that you run the site or site group's main business service and we run everything else, or you can just maintain an oversight role. A successful web business needs knowledge of and expertise in online business management, modern web technology and web promotion, and a considerable time investment. As it is unlikely that a business owner will have all these resources, the sensible commercial decision is to contract out for some or all requirements, as is standard practice. It makes even more sense to go to a one-stop shop since we have proven examples of all metrics being doubled or better; indeed traffic can be quadrupled with our high-quality approach.

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