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Integral SEO

web development

We deliver full business management solutions, and implement the finest quality ecommerce and CMS web tools. Our extensive experience of all types of online business allows us to safely increase your revenues beyond expectation.

Integral SEO

Search engine optimisation is a core requirement for efficient icommerce (online business) because it is the technical component of online marketing. Just as you must choose your advertising channels and marketing methods in offline marketing, so you must choose the right methods online - and success is simply impossible in competitive markets without good SEO.

Our vision of SEO is quite simple - it's a quality improvement process. We don't use any other methods apart from improving quality, and our process is entirely ethical. We inspect all network factors, improve your hosting, server settings, website technology, site content, link equity, brand strength, and image. If it doesn't improve quality and the service you provide to visitors, we avoid it. We certainly don't use the cunning code tricks and content 'tweaks' that others employ.

We just make things better. It sounds simple and it is simple. The basic credo of anyone who knows anything about engineering is: keep it simple and always go for quality. Any other approach is a mistake.

Let's talk about how icommerce consultants can boost your business.

Ethical SEO

Our SEO services are entirely ethical, which in part is because, due to our technical system, there is no need to step over the line. We provide SEO projects for CMS websites, ecommerce websites, image-based websites, and Flash websites. Our results speak for themselves, and we aim to provide the best ROI in the business. We cover all the bases from network factors through to usability, and our expertise means that we have been able to produce dramatic web income increases for niche sites with a budget of less than $5,000 / £3,000. And we have done so when others quoted $15,000-plus for the same task.

Of course, all our new-build CMS and ecommerce websites come with integral search success and visitor conversion potential. This saves money, but more importantly, time.

Ask us exactly what our technical SEO services encompass.

SEO Hosting

One of the simplest improvements to make is to move to a host who understands that business sites are there to make money, and this process starts with search success. Hosts who realise this will provide the facilities we need to help you succeed. They will also implement upgrades and security advisories from Apache, Red Hat, PHP and MySQL immediately. They know how to set up a server for CMS and ecommerce operation. Many hosts fail some or even all of these points.

We don't host sites as that would create a conflict of interest: a business website needs to be hosted by the best host for the job in the right country. Hosting client sites is an easy way to make money and we don't do it.

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