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web development

We deliver full business management solutions, and implement the finest quality ecommerce and CMS web tools. Our extensive experience of all types of online business allows us to safely increase your revenues beyond expectation.


Website tools and quality checks

Google webmasters information

Google Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing link explorer

W3C pagecode validator

IDI web accessibility checker

WAVE web accessibility checker


Server and site apps

Nginx - one of the best webservers for a dedicated server

HA Proxy - a useful frontend for Apache

Drupal CMS - a high-quality scalable open-source CMS

MivaMerchant - compiled code enterprise-scale ecommerce

XenForo - a modern, commercial forum




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LP Web Development
LP Webdev provide a full online business management solution, together with implementation of high-quality ecommerce and CMS webserver apps. Our approach is entirely quality-based.


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