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We deliver full business management solutions, and implement the finest quality ecommerce and CMS web tools. Our extensive experience of all types of online business allows us to safely increase your revenues beyond expectation.

Terms of Service

Use of this website is governed by these Terms of Service, and your visit to and use of the Website constitutes a contract with the Owner. If you do not agree with the ToS given on this page then you must leave and must not use the Resources.

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You agree that your use of this Website is at your risk and you agree to hold harmless the Owner in relation to any costs or claims as set out below in the clause titled Your Rights or of any similar nature.

Your Rights

The Owner grants you the right to view this Website at your own risk, and to use the Resources for interest value alone should you so decide after consulting a professional advisor with regard to the benefits or risks pursuant to use of the Resources. The Owner disclaims all responsibility and refuses all costs claims expenses or damages consequent to use of this Website or the Resources, and advises that a professional must be consulted with regard to any action taken by any person or business related to the content of the Website.


This Website may place Cookies on your Device for the purpose of improving the user experience. The Owner does not collect any information except that necessary to facilitate your use of the Website. No details are given or sold to any other party except as required by law. You may refuse the Cookie/s but the Owner may not then be able to provide normal service on this Website.

Privacy Policy

This Website does not collect any identifiable information about you, and no information is transmitted to any other party except for the purpose of facilitating your visit to this Website.

Content Rights and Permissions

The Owner reserves and retains all rights and permissions relating to the content of the Website. The Resources are copyright of the Owner. No reproduction of any Resources may take place in any form in any circumstances except by written permission of the Owner.



Content Rights and Permissions - what you may or may not do with our Resources.

Cookies - files that may be placed on your computer by this Website.

Device - the computer or other device you use to access this Website.

Owner - the owner or agent of the owner publishing this Website.

Privacy Policy - our statement of your rights to privacy with use of this Website.

Resources - any materials on this Website.

Terms of Service, ToS - the clauses published on this page.

Website - this website on the domain .

Your Rights - rights you may or may not have consequent to use of this Website.

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