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We make websites make money

web development

We deliver full business management solutions, and implement the finest quality ecommerce and CMS web tools. Our extensive experience of all types of online business allows us to safely increase your revenues beyond expectation.

We make websites make money

The purpose of your commercial website is to make money - so it needs to be designed, built and operated to perform this duty efficiently. Many websites fall short in one or more of these three critical areas.

Website design

In the first place, a website should be designed around the fact that its purpose is to make money in the long term. No other factor is as important. Of course, it needs to be of benefit in several ways to the organisation, but if you look at the main requirement, that factor is covered. Revenues must be satisfactory, and must grow - and these gains must be persistent. Therefore brand strength and enterprise image must be nurtured, in order for persistent income gains to result.

Website build

The website must be built in a way that reflects this overall purpose. Normally, this means it should be an efficient device that is built to prescribed quality levels. For example, of ten possible build methods and choices, eight of those ten choices would result in a sub-optimal result. However, these less than optimal website construction choices predominate, with low quality and inefficient operation both being common.

A modern business website should be built on dynamic website technology, which in practice means a CMS or similar solution. This is more efficient in every way than the old hand-coded web page method. And just as with hand-coded pages, there is a wide range of quality in CMS and ecommerce software and implementations. A poorly-implemented CMS is not the way forward.

Website operation

An organisation's website should be run in such a way that income grows quarterly and operating costs are not excessive. ROI, return on investment, is a critical factor here. For example advertising should not be used as the prime generator of website traffic and sales, as web visibility is a far more efficient provider of new customers.

iCommerce consultants

Our function as icommerce consultants is to advise on the most efficient ways to design, build and operate websites - and then to implement that advice, in order to create increasing website revenues. The earlier we are involved in the process, the easier and less costly it is to get the best results.

We believe that the correct method is to prioritise for technical efficiency, web visibility, and enterprise brand strength - with quality being the deciding factor in all areas.

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